The Favorite Cat

Carlos A. Avitia-Velazquez

There once was a man who lost his favorite cat.
He searched and searched, but to no avail: his beloved cat was nowhere to be found.

“Woe is me!” he cried at the end of another fruitless search one day, “There is no use, the search is futile; my beloved cat is gone—he is no longer!”

At that moment, he heard a tapping on the door leading out of his room (he had not thought of
looking past there before).

Tap, tap, tap.

He opened the door—Lo and behold, it was his cat! “Where have you been, my dearest cat!” the
man shouted, lifting the feline into a loving embrace. “I was here all along, my master,” the cat
replied solemnly, “all you had to do was believe.”

Then the man awoke. His favorite cat lay sleeping at his feet.

He was still hungover.