Carlos A. Avitia-Velazquez

Poet  •  The Favorite Cat  •  Fired

Carlos is a senior at NYU (Spring 2012) studying English and Politics. Writing has been a passion of his from an early age. He enjoys writing poetry and short stories, both to practice his writing and to experiment with different styles and themes. He is also working on a book-length project that he hopes to have published one day. After graduation, he plans to go where the employment is and to continue writing; becoming a respectable author is his lifelong dream. Fun facts: Carlos loves cats, Spanish was his first language, and he has an identical twin!

Ashleigh Buyers

Outside Inside  •  Gnome 007  •  Figure Study

Ashleigh is a senior at Mary Washington who is double majoring in both Business and Studio Art.  She currently is concentrating on graphic design and photography with the hope of someday working for an animation studio.  She draws inspiration for her pieces from personal life experiences and from her fascination with visual illusions.

Anne Elder 


Anne is a senior at the University of Mary Washington, majoring in English/Creative Writing and French. Every day she has a new destined career path, but the road always leads back to Paris.

Sarah Foote

Las Vegas

Sarah is an undergraduate student double-majoring in Religion and English, with a concentration in Creative Writing. She’s a poet and an author who hopes to get her name and work recognized in as many venues as possible! “I often write about the places I have seen and experienced, and my piece featured here, “Las Vegas,” serves as an example of what it is like to “soak up” a new place that did not work its magic on me. Unlike so many other cities I have visited, I was not charmed by Vegas, but it still affected me strongly.”

Bradley Glisson

Monday Morning Coming Down

“This photo shot outside my office at around 6:45 in the morn shows the simple beauties that can often only be found as the day is starting. It’s as if the day hasn’t had a chance to tangle it up yet.”

Zachary Grasso

Short Poem  •  Shallowing  •  You Can Always Count on Nature

Zachary can be found at, and on Twitter at @occupy_my_bed and @zackgrasso.

Christine LaPlaca

Fragments of a Beijing Windowsill  •  Isle of Palms

Christine is a junior at Mary Washington double majoring in English: Creative Writing and Asian Studies. While writing is her true passion, she also loves world history. “Fragments of a Beijing Windowsill was inspired by my trip to Beijing this past summer. Isle of Palms is based on my family vacations in South Carolina.”

Glenn Milich 

Hide and Seek With Father  •  Our Blood Red Summer  She Remains Untitled

Alexandra Molina

Adam’s Apple  •  Pageants Are a Bitch  •  Borderline

Marco Quiroga